Certified Emission Reduction (CER)

In the Aluminium sector, we have a huge potential for accrual of Carbon credits through Clean Development Mechanism, which envisages the Kyoto Protocol of 1990.This initiative, was started in BALCO during 2006 when point feeders had started in Soderberg pots.

Presently two projects have been taken up for accrual of Carbon credits and are in a well-advanced stage of registration with United Nation Framework Convention on Climatic Change (UNFCCC).

Project 1 - Emission reduction through change in smelter technology

Description: The project activity involves replacement of the existing VSS (Vertical Stud Soderberg) technology with PFPB (Point Feed Prebake). The smelter had an installed production capacity of 111KT/annum and had been operating on VSS Smelting Technology. The VSS smelter consisted of two potlines each having 204 cells with end-to-end connection. The pots had been operating at 113 kA. The PFPB smelter will have an installed production capacity of 325 KT/ annum operating at 340 kA. The smelter will have a single potline of 336 pots.

The new technology will lead to reduction in specific PFC emissions associated with anode effects and in reductions of specific CO2 emissions due to reduction in specific energy consumption. In absence of the project activity, the existing VSS smelter would have continued to operate resulting in higher GHG emissions.

Expected Certified Emission Reduction (CER) = 0.8 million CER per annum
Current Status:
  • Host Country Approval has been received.
  • TUV Nord is appointed as Validator.
  • Draft Validation Report is received.

Project 2 - Energy Efficiency Improvement project at Plant-II

Description: The project activity involves implementation of Fuse technology and online cut out of pots in Plant – II at BALCO Korba unit. Plant – II has been operating on PFPB (Point Feed Prebake) smelting technology since 2005 supplied by GAMI. The smelter has been operating on 320 kA prebaked potline with 288 cells.

The following measures have been implemented in the project plant for energy efficiency improvement:
  • Fuse Technology
  • Online Cutout of pots

The measures will reduce specific electricity consumption in the smelter. This will lead to reductions in CO2 emissions associated with equivalent amount of electricity generation in the captive power plant. In absence of the project activity the project proponent would have continued with the existing scenario.

Expected Certified Emission Reduction (CER) = 34630
Current Status:
  • FCIPL is appointed as Consultant.
  • Project documentation is going on.

Other CDM projects identified in BALCO:

  • Incineration of per fluorocarbons - 0.3 million /annum
  • Waste heat recovery from Potroom gases - 0.8 million/annum
  • Carbon dioxide capture and storage
  • Reduction in CO2 by Turbine Upgradation in CPP-I
  • Reduction in CO2 by installing Hybrid vaccum System in CPP-II
  • Ash Improvement Technology Project