Case Studies

The CSR initiatives implemented by BALCO in its areas of operation have touched the lives of thousands of people in a positive way. Whether it is the Watershed Project at Paraskhola or the Vedanta Rural Health Centre in Chuiya Village, the Company's programmes and projects are aimed to achieve sustainable development for people in the region. Discussed below are a few examples of how BALCO's endeavours have helped transform the lives of several individuals and also strengthened the sense of well-being for the entire community.

Vedanta Rural Health Centre

BALCO has established Vedanta Rural Health Centre in Chuiya Village to provide Primary Health Services to the people of surrounding villages. The Centre provides medicine, treatment and general diagnostic facilities to the villagers. The Health Centre is also linked with the Government Immunisation Programme under which weekly vaccination drives are carried out for infants and pregnant as well as lactating mothers.

Mohan Singh, 29, from Bhatgaon Village, belongs to the Korwa tribe, one of the primitive tribes of India. He visits Vedanta Rural Health Centre whenever any of his family members falls sick and also advises others to do the same.

He persuades people of his village not to depend on domestic treatment or quacks for any illness. Just few months back, Mohan’s one and a half year old son Rajendra, had been suffering from severe ear problem due to presence of purulent fluid in the left ear. Mohan, like any other tribal, had tried traditional treatment for the disease. But the situation did not improve. One day he came in contact with one of BALCO’s cluster coordinator who informed him about the Vedanta Rural Health Centre where diseases are treated at a very nominal registration charge of Rs. 5. However, despite counselling, Mohan was hesitant to go for his son’s treatment in the Centre because of his traditional social taboos. But the cluster coordinator’s consistent efforts finally convinced Mohan and he agreed to take his son to the Vedanta Rural Health Centre for treatment. A thorough examination by the Doctor helped diagnose the problem. Mohan was then briefed about the expected repercussions in the delay of treatment. After two weeks of continuous treatment, his son was fully cured. Mohan and his wife showed their gratitude towards BALCO - “Vedanta Rural Health Centre has saved my son from being deaf. I will lifelong be grateful to BALCO for support”.


Neetu Manhar is a 34 year old resident of village Bhadrapara she is married and has two kids who study in 9th and 5th class respectively. Neetu Manhar, being from a rural area had very few sources of earning and her family constantly faced issues because of this. However Neetu had a keen interest in arts like Painting, Snack making and Tokri making and packaging. Lack of training and market connect meant she could never reap benefits from her raw talent. It was then when she came in touch with Project Unnati and it changed everything for her. She received training by skilled and well experienced trainers who helped her to polish her painting skill in Scratch Painting, Cardboard Painting and Glass Painting. She also learned about Snack making, Tea making and simultaneously she was trained in packaging of various products such as Diya and Tokri.

With the help of improved skills and market linkages she now earns minimum of Rs. 12000 per year. By selling food and beverage items she an additional of Rs. 8000 and another Rs. 4000 comes from packing the same. She now has a stable source of income which has led to her buying some important household things like mobile and refrigerator. Her growth has been exponential and this has helped her to improve overall economic situation of her family.

Looking into her skills, enthusiasm and interest to grow, Drishtee Foundation had offered her a permanent job of SHG coordinator to work as a team with the NGO and work towards the betterment of society. She is working with Drishtee since 1st June’19, she is now earning Rs. 10,500 per month and is very happy.

Land & Water Management

Shani Das, a 57 year old farmer with a basic earning to meet 2 square meals a day, never in his dream imagined that he would soon be the pioneer of wheat cultivation in Korba. He had previously worked in Cast House 2 of Balco for 12 years. His elder child works in the Rodding Mill of Balco and the younger one supports his family through farming.

His life changed, when with the help of Balco, he cultivated wheat on his land of 1.2 acres for the first time and an overwhelming cash flow. This was the first time that wheat was cultivated in the entire district of Korba. He was provided with pumps and pipes for irrigation. He was also given high quality seeds and fertilizers for better produce. Not only had this but the check dams constructed by Balco on Belgiri Nala and Dondro supplied water for irrigation to his farms. He was also trained to learn SWI technique of wheat cultivation.

Shani Das shared, “I am highly grateful to Balco for the support provided and I wish for its continuous progress because if Balco grows, farmers like us will grow and prosper.”