Aluminium is the most important of all non-ferrous metals. It finds wide applications in packaging, transportation, electrical, machinery and equipment, building construction and consumer durables. Production process involves conversion of Bauxite into Alumina in refinery and which later is converted to Aluminium through electrolysis process in smelter.

The global Aluminium Consumption grew from around 20 MMT in 1994 to about 39.9 MMT in 2010. Consumption is expected to be of the order of 80 MMT in 2020. The demand is primarily driven by strong growth in Aluminium demand in China, India and other developing countries.

Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO) is proposing to install a 3,25,000 TPY Aluminium Smelter within the existing premises of Korba Aluminium Complex. Required electric power for the proposed Smelter will be taken from new Captive Power Plant (4X300MW) to be installed.

Smelter Expansion Project

State of Art GP-340 (II) Potline technologies employing 340 kA high-amperage pre-baked anode pots will be used for smelting of Alumina.

To be self-supporting, the proposed plant is going to have -

  • Pot line with 336 pots
  • Casting facility of ingot and wire
  • New Green Anode Plant
  • New Baking Plant with enhanced capacity
  • Power receiving Switchyard

Adequate environmental control has been considered from the very selection of technology. Dry scrubbing system for fume control from pot lines and bake ovens has been contemplated to ensure most environmental friendly operation system.

Project execution of 3.25 LTPY Smelter is in full swing.

1200 MW Power Project

BALCO is coming up with 4X300 MW state-of-the-art power units.