Human Resource

Working with BALCO

Our work environment and performance culture ensures an individual's personal and professional growth along with the overall growth of the Organisation. We strongly believe in fostering continuous learning & development, nurturing talent and building competencies to enable our employees attain operational excellence and success.

BALCO provides the right opportunities to employees for enhancing their leadership potential. By providing exposure to best operation & maintenance practices and benchmarks in best global metals and mining companies, the Organisation makes certain that career growth for each individual is both consistent and accelerated.

Continuous thrust on employee engagement and business excellence through various interventions like Six Sigma, TQM, 5S and improvement projects enhance the learning curve of all employees and keep it in sync with the Organisation's progress.

We are committed to optimum utilisation of our skill sets across the Organisation and encourage job rotations for individuals to enhance their technical and functional skills and develop managerial and multitasking abilities. Identifying and tapping high potential performers, providing specialist roles at early stages of one's career ensures transformational growth both for the individual and the Organisation. We believe that "what nobody can do, we do."

We understand recognition is an important aspect for motivating employees in delivering superior performance. There are various avenues through which we acknowledge and appreciate significant and outstanding contributions of our employees across all levels.

So, if you have the passion to excel, the commitment to take on challenges, a never ending thirst for learning and the desire for growth on the fast track, you will have extensive opportunities for overall development and recognition at BALCO.