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Quality of Life

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

It is very essential to have a rich quality life in office as well as outside. Quality of life means more happiness at home and at work.

Balco has a township which is very close to the plant. However, it is a beautiful world in its own. The township is set in the middle of an evergreen forest which makes the weather very conducive to comfortable living. The colony has long walking tracks and is set near a dense forest which makes a wonderful location for a long walk. Mornings and evenings are very pleasant. It’s an awesome scene to see the rising sun. In large cities we never get the time to see this spectacular scene. The mornings are very pleasant and are a blessing for walkers. The ‘state of the art’ stadium also hums to life with morning joggers. It has spacious houses with small gardens attached for those willing to indulge in maintaining greenery around their homes.

The township has a few clubs. Out of these, the Expert Club is equipped with a gymnasium, a swimming club, badminton and tennis courts, table tennis, caroms and billiards. For those who want to chill and unwind after a long tiring day, there is a cosy bar. On weekends, housie is organised for everybody. The fun is then followed by dinner. The dining hall of Expert club offers multi cuisines on Sunday afternoons which is open to anybody willing to have a sumptuous lunch. An ultra-modern hostel for Graduate Engineers (boys and girls) makes them feel at home.

Balco is actually a mini India. People come here from all over India and mingle like one unified body. Unity in Diversity is well depicted in the society here. All festivals are celebrated with a lot of pomp and gaiety. Festivity is at its climax during Durga Puja when beautiful pandals are erected. Holi, Diwali, Id, Christmas, Pongal etc are celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. New Year celebrations are held at the guest houses. All occasions are family affairs and are well participated.

Balco is surrounded by beautiful picnic spots like Coffee Point which is about 15 kms from the township and is set in dense greenery. If you wish to have the pleasure to drive more you can visit Satrenga which has a water reservoir. One can have the pleasure of boating at Satrenga. Then there are other picturesque points like Devpahari, Hanumagarhi, Mauritius Point etc. The Jubilee Gardens located at Jamnapali is an awesome weekend spot where you can indulge in boating and spend time with your family in a lush green locale with a small lake surrounded by a variety of flowers and trees.

Balco has a very modern stadium which hosts a national hockey tournament every year. Apart from this a state level kabbadi tournament is held every year. Balco regularly organises inter departmental sports like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess and carroms. These tournaments have lively participation from all departments. An annual marathon also merrily winds its way through the township roads. Balco has a good education set up. It has a school being run by DPS. There are 17-18 schools in all which are aided by Balco in various fields.

The pleasant weather does not give you a chance to fall sick if you are on the right diet and are sticking to routine exercising. However, if you do, then Balco has its own 100 bedded hospital equipped with modern health facilities under the charge of experienced doctors and surgeons. On weekends special camps are organised for special treatments which have experienced doctors and surgeons visiting from other cities.

BALCO Hospital

"Unity in Diversity" Culture uniting us together

Work out and relaxation helps us recharge


If you don’t want to go too far to enjoy the fragrance of flowers, or see beautiful butterflies, you can just drop into Nehru Garden. It is a beautifully laid out garden adjacent to DPS School, with a variety of flowers and trees. Once a while you can even enjoy a small picnic at the garden with your family.

Balco Township has good metalled roads with proper road signs. Driving in the township is a pleasure. Often children happily cycle around on the smooth roads with their friends.

Balco is about 10 kms from Korba City. This city offer all what you may require in a small city. It has good hotels to stay with a deluxe resort hotel at Urga which is approximate 20 kms from Balco on Champa road. Major branded showroom are present in Korba. A Mall is under construction which will bring the world to your door step. There are a lot of shopping complexes. All types of food is available for food lovers.

Korba city is well connected to Raipur, Raigarh, Bilaspur, Nagpur, Vishakapatnam and New Delhi. From Bilaspur and Champa, you can practically get trains for anywhere in India. Raipur Airport offers direct flights to major cities of India. Road journey to Bilaspur can be completed in 2 hours, Champa in 50 minutes and Raipur in 4.5 hours.

Hence, Balco is different from other plant sites due to its proximity to Korba. It’s presence in a forest area makes the weather cool with intermittent showers. The walking tracks compel you to put on your walking shoes. The pristine forest adjacent to Balco is a haven of bliss where you can unwind yourself in a leisure walk with your family as the breeze whistles past you!

In conclusion, one has to come to Balco to enjoy its various benefits!