To stay ahead of competition BALCO has always adopted state-of-the-art technology in its processes. Catering to the needs of Defence and Space Research since 1980, the Company has firmly established itself as a front-runner among the producers of Aluminium sheets and plates.

The molten metal (Aluminium) is fabricated into saleable products by adapting different processes. Fabrication SBU is broadly divided in three units operating as separate profit centres – Cast House, Foundry and Sheet Rolling Shop. Each has been discussed in detail below.

Finished Products - Cast House

BALCO in collaboration with VSSC-ISRO has installed Novelis Casting Station and set of Heat Treatment, Stretching & Polishing equipment to commercially produce different grades of alloy to be used as aerospace material. The alloys manufactured for VSSC by BALCO are - AA2014, AA2219, AA7075 and AA6063.

The equipment installed are –